A party alone

Today, I talked with my friend. It was just girl talk. She said, “A long time ago, I used to have fun drinking and watching movies.” So I tried it tonight, I had to do a few assignments for tomorrow’s class, though.😅

This was the first time I drank beer since I started my 2 week diet. I drank YEBISU premium black by Suntory. I choose it when I want to celebrate something. The color is black and it has a roasted taste. I drank a few ships sips and it felt like it was sinking in throughout my body. My head became dizzy quickly.

I ate dinner two hours before I began drinking. I usually don’t drink a lot, for example, only one glass of tequila (20ml) mixed with sparkling water (150ml) and and fresh squeezed lemon juice. So I don’t usually get drunk.
But today, I’m already sleepy, and my beer can is still half full. If someone saw me they might think I had drunk a lot of alcohol. I couldn’t move at all, I got sleepy. I thought would be better to drink  with my friend than alone. After my two weeks diet, I guess I might not be able to drink as much as before.

pdd5 dinner

Post-diet: Added food: a few slices rye bread for brunch and freeze-dried tofu (=Koya-dofu) for dinner
Brunch: Imaginary frittata, salad and rye bread
Dinner: A bowl with rare yellow tail tuna topped with avocado, red bell pepper and nori strips.
Snack: Some nuts with cheese and coffee
Energy: Good // Sleep: Good // Feel: Good

Teacher X sometimes asks me, “Did you get a comment?” I always said, “No, my blog is not popular.” But a few days ago, I said to him proudly, “I got a good comment on my blog.” I was happy to be able to say this. 😀
I’m a little bit shy, but if there is a comment on my blog, I will reply back when possible. 🙂

New words:
STAT = immediately

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