When is it good for I cut loose?

I checked how much money I spent for this diet.
New items or things I bought much more than usual:
A lot of meat, unprocessed (real) cheese, heavy cream, tomato juice, bonito flakes and konbu (a kind of kelp) = It is used for Japanese soup stock (= dashi).
Things I didn’t buy:
Fruits, bread, rice, yogurt, milk, beans, processed meat and cheese, bouillon cubes/powder, prepared foods and junk food…etc
Same as usual:
Seasonal vegetables, eggs…etc

Unprocessed (real) cheese and unprocessed meat are more expensive than the processed varieties. The Japanese soup that I make from scratch is more expensive than when I use soup powder. And I didn’t buy many kinds of pre-made foods such as dressing, sauce or ready-made meals.

In the end, I spent almost the same amount of money as usual.  I was surprised and I noticed how much money I  waste to buying processed foods and junk food.  After this diet, I think I will buy fruits, yogurt, beans and some processed foods. So I think I might spend a little bit more money than before on healthy foods, and I might spend more time planning and cooking meals as well.

I discovered another thing. When I cook something I don’t add much sugar, but many processed foods already have sugar in them.  I didn’t care before.
And after this diet I noticed, in my case, although I ate a lot more meat and nuts than usual, but I didn’t gain fat. I was surprised.

Enduring not eating carbs made me shout “I need carbs!” in my dream. 😴  But I learned about good foods and related English words. Besides I enjoyed the process. I want to learn English in this way again. And I think I want to have as much good food as I can. But… I want to cut loose and have junk food and beer once in a while. I wonder when that will be?  😋

Post-diet: Today’s added food 3: 100g rice
11a Brunch: Rice, sautéed pork and asparagus, carrot and beans salad, half an orange cut into four slices
5:30p Dinner: Tofu(=Hiya-yakko), sautéed vegetables and deep-fried bean curd(= Abura-age)
Snack: Some nuts with edam cheese and coffee

Exercise: I didn’t do exercise at all. 😅

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