Post-diet 3: Bad day….

Post-diet Day 3:
I’m still thrown off by the bug infested pumpkin! I want to sleep more than I want to eat. My outlook was very negative today. I had thought I wouldn’t get to achieve my goal of toning my body and improving my English. I thought I wanted to eat a table full of junk food, but I wasn’t hungry. Eating junk food used to be one of my ways to de-stress, but it would have been a shame to waste the efforts I had recently made….so I didn’t.
I guess I didn’t eat good foods yesterday, which may be the reason I’m feeling bad. I cooked and had breakfast and lunch. I will be better tomorrow. 😐
I wonder what I should do to get rid of my stress. What do you do to release your stress?

Post-diet Day 3: Today’s added food: half an apple cut into four slices
9:45a Breakfast: A beef patty smothered in tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, salads and half an apple cut into four slices
6:30p Dinner: Tofu (= Hiya-yakko) and sautéed beef and vegetables
Snack: Some nuts with mimolette and edam cheese and coffee

Energy: Not good.
Sleeping: I slept 8 hours, but I’m still tired.
Feeling: Bad.
Exercise: I didn’t do exercise at all. 😞


New word (Not corrected) :
infested =if insects, rats etc infect a place, there are a lot of them and they usually cause damagebe infested with something
smothered in = completely covered
a.g. My girlfriend is smothering me. = spending too much time, need too much from you
throw off  =to manage to get rid of something/somebody that is making you suffer, annoying you, etc.

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