Post-diet 1: The proof is in the pudding

Post-diet Day1:
My result → 14: Last day, yay!
I realize I don’t need vitamin tablets. I often had taken them even when I was healthy, because I thought it would keep me healthy if I took them every day.
I wanted to eat carbs. And I wanted to eat foods without cooking. I like eating better than cooking. But I’m on a diet, I’m a picky eater, so I only cooked what I wanted to eat.
I finished this diet 2 weeks. I made a few mistakes, such as using some flowers flour and eating beans. From today, I will start the post-diet test.
But I want to tone my body more, so I will keep dieting and exercising.

Post-diet test 1: Today’s added food: Tofu
Actually, I neither like nor dislike it. But when I go on a diet, I often eat it. It’s healthy for me because it contains micronutrients and antioxidants.
Energy: Good  //  Sleeping: Good  //  Feeling: Good 🙂

Post-diet 1 [Not corrected]:
7:30a Breakfast: Curry with chicken and vegetables
1:30p Lunch: Tofu (= Hiya-yakko) . Scallop, avocado and mozzarella cheese salad
Snack: Some nuts with mimolette, edam cheese and coffee
Dinner: Skipped

Comment [Not corrected]:
Today, I took teacher X’s English class for the first time in a week, because he was on a vacation. Before the vacation, he told me “I can correct your sentences! Send it, if you want. And I might open class during the vacation! 😀” I sent my blog’s sentences. But he didn’t both. I know he has never opened his class during vacations. 😎 In the meanwhile,  I was writing my sentences, and then I had a tons of my sentences. He had to correct them today, but I still had a lot of sentences. He said, “Are you punishing me?” 😵 I might have punished him, I didn’t mean to do that. 😁

New word:
post = after  ⇔ pre = before

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