14: Last day, yay!

Fourteenth day impression:
Actually, in the past I didn’t like tomato juice. But now I’ve found that I can drink it, I don’t love it though, but I think it might be healthier than other juices.
I cooked curry for dinner but I didn’t want to eat today, because  I filled up on nuts and cheese for my afternoon snack. I was so full.

My result:
My fat percentage was -1.5%. My weight was -700 g. And my English was the same as before. 😓
Although my weight didn’t change a lot, I’m glad that I could burn some of my fat, maybe. This diet was a test. What foods are good or not good for me? I will check as I slowly add carbs back into my diet from today for a few weeks. Is your energy better? Are you sleeping better? Are you feeling less depressed?
I think I can say everything “yes” today. 😀

Fourteenth day:
8a Breakfast: Sautéed pork, one sunny-side egg and salad
3p Lunch: Some nuts with mimolette and edam cheese and coffee with cocoa and heavy cream
Dinner: Skipped

Exercise: kettlebell 2 min( kettlebell swings: 2 sets of 10 reps, figure 8: 2 sets of 10 reps ) , Yoga 3 min

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