13: Assignments = dieting + exercising + English

Thirteenth day impression:
Today I didn’t feel like doing anything…but I had to cook a healthy breakfast. If I hadn’t done this diet, I would’ve eaten some junk food.
I went on this diet because I wanted to tone my body and to study English. The information for this diet is on a website in English. I had to read and understand, then I went on the diet and did exercise. I like to ‘kill two birds with one stone.’ But did I? 🤔

I have a lot of assignments, too. They’re three articles and one Sherlock Holmes story. I should read and understand by the beginning of next week. All of them look interesting though. But it is already time to go to bed, I will study starting tomorrow.   😴  💤

Thirteenth day:
8:45a Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and wrapped asparagus and carrot with pork and salad
Lunch: Skipped
2p Snack: Some nuts with mimolette and edam cheese and coffee with cocoa and heavy cream
4p Dinner: Egg soup with a lot of vegetables and chicken (=Tamago soup)

Exercise: kettlebell 2 min( kettlebell swings: 2 sets of 10 reps, figure 8: 2 sets of 10 reps ) , Yoga 3 min, Youtube exercise 10 min

Comment 1(Not corrected):
Recently, I like coffee with cocoa and heavy cream. Because I love chocolate, but I can’t eat it now. Its idea is teacher Xs. Thank you!

Comment 2(Not corrected):
Lately, my blog is weird. Sometimes, I couldn’t post. Today, I posted this blog a few hours ago, but I don’t know why WordPress didn’t show my blog. I changed a little bit and I posted it again. 😖

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