12: Leave me alone…

Twelfth day impression:
I had a migraine today. I sometimes get them after over exerting myself. I think it may have been from the hot springs yesterday. When I have a headache I am very sensitive to sight, sounds and scents. I sometimes throw up as well.  It’s like a goblin hitting my brain with Thor’s hammer over and over in perfect rhythm. I usually quickly take a painkiller. But I put up with the pain this morning, because this diet is a test for me, and I didn’t want to put any drugs into my system.
Although I wasn’t hungry, I ate some almonds instead of taking any medication. And then I took a nap on my sofa. After that, the goblin disappeared and I was feeling better.😀
By the way,  I ate romano beans and green beans today, I couldn’t eat beans on this diet though. I like them but wonder, are they truly beans?

Twelfth day:
9a Snack: Some nuts with mimolette, camember and cheddar cheese and coffee
Breakfast: Skipped
13:20p Lunch: Omelette and boiled romano Beans and carrot, a mixture of three types of raw vegetables with edam
18:20p Dinner: Grilled squid, green pepper and miso glazed eggplant (= Nasu no Dengaku), boiled green beans and pumpkin

This miso glazed eggplant was terrible. I think because of taste was off. Usually, when I cook it, I will put some sugar or mirin (= a sweet alcoholic liquid) with the miso, then its taste become sweet. But I couldn’t use any sugar so it was too salty.

Exercise: I didn’t do exercise at all. 😅

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