11: Burning Fat

Eleventh day impression:
Today, I did something different than usual. I am going hiking and to a hot-spring.
It’s been a while since I went hiking. According to the weather forecast, it will be a mostly sunny day and the temperature will be 13-20 degrees Celsius. I woke up earlier than usual and made my box lunch and breakfast.
It was sunny at the foot of the mountain, but as I went up on the lift it began getting cloudy and by the middle of the mountain I could no longer see the sun. While walking to my destination my stomach was grumbling at times. It took about 90 min. I thought I may have burned some of my fat. Please burn my lower body fat, first. 😁  I want to go hiking again before it snows.
After hiking, I went to a hot‐spring. I was not looking forward to it. Actually, I don’t like going to hot-springs, because I can’t relax there without swimsuits. Besides there are some butt-naked people. 😵   I don’t like it after all.

Eleventh day:
6:30a Breakfast: One sunny-side egg, sautéed trumpet mushroom and pepper, mushed pumpkin, and some nuts with gouda cheese and tomato juice
11:15a Lunch: Sautéed chicken and trumpet mushroom, one boiled egg, cooked pumpkin and salad
19:15p Dinner: Sautéed beef and vegetables

Exercise: I hiked about 3 hours.

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