9: Things a vampire needs

Ninth day impression:
I rode my bicycle in the evening. Because I’m not good with strong sunlight, so I don’t want to go out during the daytime. While teacher X was editing my sentences yesterday, he said, “You always eat mushrooms.” Then, I said, “I need vitamin D, because…” I was trying to complete the English sentence in my head. Teacher X made a jesture of vampire’s fangs.
That’s right, a vampire needs vitamin D!

Ninth day:
Snack: Some nuts with mimolette and camember cheese and coffee
Breakfast: Sautéed chicken with tomato sauce
Lunch: Boiled pumpkin and okra
Dinner: Miso-soup with pork and vegetables  (= Ton-jiru)

I didn’t eat mushrooms today.🍄

Exercise: Bicycling 45 min, kettlebell 2 min( kettlebell swings: 2 sets of 10 reps, figure 8: 2 sets of 10 reps ) , Yoga 3 min, Youtube exercise 10 min

New words:
slimy = thick, slippery liquid
a.g. Snot. Okra is slimy.
seasonal vegetables  = Kisetu-no-yasai
slacking off
a.g. You’re slacking off. = Not doing your work before class 😅
slack ⇔ tight

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