8: Evil in front of me

Eighth day impression:
I  can’t eat some types of food on this diet. One of them is cashews.
But teacher X was eating cashews in front of me knowing that I can’t eat thems. I wanted to eat cashews, too. He sometimes becomes an evil. 😈

Eighth day:
1p and 3p Snack: Some nuts with gouda and camember cheese and coffee
7:45a Breakfast: Salad with sautéed pork and a soft-boiled egg
5:45p Dinner: Sautéed salmon, grilled eggplant with trumpet mushroom, a mixture of five types of raw vegetables and mozzarella salad

I forgot to take a photo of my snack, because I was so hungry I started eating immediately and before long it was all gone. 😅

Exercise: I didn’t do exercise at all. 😅😅

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