5: Sit and be unfit

Fifth day impression:
I exercised before breakfast. I felt that my kettlebell was heavier this morning than usual. I studied my weekend assignment which was to read and understanding three articles about exercise. I noticed these articles told me, “You should do aerobic exercise, as well.” I thought teacher X might want to tell me the same thing, too.

Fifth day:
8:00a Snack: some nuts with cheddar and gouda cheese and coffee
11:30a Brunch: Sautéed pork and vegetables
7:00p Dinner: Boiled chicken and an hard boiled egg, mozzarella cheese salad and carrot salad

Exercise: Kettlebell 2 min( kettlebell swings: 2 sets of 10 reps, figure 8: 2 sets of 10 reps ) , Yoga 3 min

New words:
cellular = related to the cells of the body

Comment (Not corrected):
Teacher X told me, usually, his frittata would be thicker than mine. I will try to cook a thicker one because taste was so good. 😋

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