1: Cut the carbs and break free: The MAF 2-week diet

I’ve gone on a diet. I want to become more toned, because I thought the Olympic athletes bodies were beautiful. And then, my English teacher went on a diet. He lost around six pounds in two weeks. It’s amazing!

He lost the six pounds even though he was in pretty good shape before he started the diet. I thought I wanted to try the same method. The method is basically eating zero carbs and doing exercise for two weeks. I have never tried this method, it sounds interesting. But my first step was understanding a long article, in English, which described the diet plan. The diet is from a web blog called MAF.

First day:
8:20a Breakfast: Some stuffed peppers and Shiitakes and salad and coffee
2:20p Lunch: 5 peacespieces of fried chicken and salad (=Karaage)
8:30p Snack: a few nuts and tea

Exercise: kettlebell 5min( kettlebell swings, figure 8 etc.)  work out 20min, Yoga 3 min

But I failed on the first day. I noticed after lunch. I used some flower in stuffed peppers, shiitakes, and fried chickens and I used some processed cheese as well.

I bought some vegetables, meat and natural cheese in the evening because my refrigerator was almost empty, there are a lot of cookies and chocolate, though.

First-day impression:
It’s more difficult to cook without sugar than I thought. But I didn’t feel hungry at all, I guess because I ate meat for breakfast and lunch, I don’t usually eat a lot of meat, though.

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