Pokémon Go makes me Go crazy mon!


I caught a rare Pokémon today!  This Pokémon can only be caught in Japan. Yesterday, when I rode my bicycle to the Poketop, I saw a girl and her mother, who I had met for the first time over the weekend. We talked  about Pokémon GO again and they gave me information about a rare Pokémon, Farfetch’d. They told me the place to find it, but I didn’t know the area because I usually don’t go out. But I tried anyway, and sure enough I lost my way. However, all of a sudden, Farfetche’d appeared. I was excited and on my first try hitting the ball. Yesssss!!
It was not a Pokestop area and nobody else was there.
I was very satisfied it. Sometimes I wonder a bit if I should stop  playing this game. But then I remember the reason I started was to get into better shape.
I was soaked in sweat. After I went back home, I drank a beer.
How does Farfetch’d fight? This duck is carrying a scallion under its wing. The vegetable scallion kind of sounds like Baratheon! I thought it is like one of the GOT’s houses. Is this his sword? Can he hit an enemy with it? or make them cry with onion?

I have an excuse to go out.
My fitness will improve.
I get the opportunity to talk with new people.

I have to go out, I have to walk. Which makes it a difficult game for me.

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