Pokémon Go? I got up and went!

I started to go walking using Pokemon GO because  I want to get into better shape.  When I started it, there were 3 Pokémon around me. I forgot their names but they might have been Charmeleon, Squirtle and Bulbasaur. But I wanted to get Pikachu first. So I ignored them. After walking for several minutes, all of the sudden Pikachu appeared and I got him immediately. And then I went to a Pokestop and I got a few Poke ball, eggs, potions and revives. The Pokestops were at train station, a rest stop, a park, at several statues and McDonald’s. I went to the sea shore and got Krabby, Staryu, Tentacool, Tentacruel and Shellder. I guessed right that sea related Pokémon would be near the coast.
By the way, there are differences between most Japanese and English Pokémon names. For example, Charmeleon is Lizard, Squirtle is Zenigame, Bulbasaur is Fushigidane, a Pidgey is a Poppo, and a Magicarp is a Koi-king (or something like that). It’s interesting. I think Poppo is onomatopoeia for pigeon’s singing in Japanese and Koi-king is a fish name, as Koi means carp in Japanese. I want to know what the English names me, too.
I’m still only on level 8, having collected about 100 Pokémon. A few days ago, my first egg hatched after walking 2km. My next egg will hatch after I walk another 2.5km.
As a side note, I wonder why my Pokemon is the English version??
I guess because I changed the language to English on my iPhone to use Siri in English.

The photos on the top are Pokémon I found yesterday.