Rumpelstiltskin: book review

I read Rumpelstiltskin in English in Online-English class.
When I read Rumpelstiltskin the story for the first time, I thought he Rumpelstiltskin was a poor person. Although he spun straw into a lot of gold in three times by with his magic, he got only got her neckless daughter’s necklace and her ring. For The third time, she promised him he had her promise that if she should become the Queen, she would give him her first child, and for that he once more span the straw into gold. He made some gold but he didn’t snatch away it When the daughter became queen and had her first child he didn’t immediately snatch it away from her. Because when he knew the Queen began to weep and cry, so that he felt pitied for her and gave her another chance. It was if by three days’s time you find out my name, then shall you keep your childHe said that if she could find out his name in three days she could keep the child.
And then the queen found out his name. He kept his words and he didn’t get take her first child. But he was frustrated and got angry, so he lost his left by himself got his right leg stuck in the ground, and ripped himself in half trying to pull himself free. After I read this story, I didn’t know whether he was a bad person or not.  Because I couldn’t find his wickedness and falsehood. I felt he had a gentleness in this story, too.
I probably thought think I didn’t grasp all the nuance of English  English of the sentences in the story. I thought I was surprised that this Original Grim’s story was horror and so gory and horrific, Because Rumpelstiltskin’s leg teared off as Rumpelstilskin ripped himself in half with his terrible anger in the last scene. Grimm’s story development was surprised me again!