Warm and Fussy

Hank and Edith: Lesson 10
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E: Hank shouted, “He was. He’s the one that bit me, Edith ran run away!” Edith looked back at them and said, “Don’t worry. He is a new friend.” Edith told Count Nutter as well, “You don’t won’t bite him anymore, do you will you?” Count Nutter looked at Edith and he nodded, and then he eyed Hank up and down and he gave a giggle. Hank became grumpy and there was an awkward silence for a few moments. But Hank’s stomach sounds broke it. Edith said, “Sit down Hank, Let’s have branch brunch together!”
Z: Hank reluctantly sat down at the table.  He glared back at the squirrel.  He did not trust that it would not try and bite his neck again. “What are you?” Hank asked the strange creature.
E: Count Nutter put down the knife and folk fork on the tablehe and held out his hand. Edith put some pancakes on the table, looked at both, she and smiled happily. Hank’s mind easily got warm by it. Hank’s heart was warmed by her face.  Hank put out his right hand, and the shook hands. they exchanged handshakes.
“I’m Count Nutter. I’m living with a guy named Tyler and a woman named Em in the a huge house in the west of this country.”
Z: “It’s great to meet you,” replied Hank in a friendly tone, “my name is Hank and I’m Edith’s next door neighbor.”
to be continued..?

I wanted to write about elderly people’s life lives. They have a lot of experience, it might show on their face, body and in their character. In this story, they are in their 70’s, healthy, and they are sometimes in love with her or him each other too. When I saw see old couples walking hand in hand, my heart is quickly warming warms. When I was am an old woman, I would will likely have almost of all glay gray hair, a lot of wrinkles, and my body might be more sagging saggy than in my youth. But I want to be in love with someone. I should hope to be a pretty old woman, inside and out. 😊

reluctantly = with hesitation = unwillingly
glared = very strong stare, almost angry
eased = stress goes down
e.g. Hank’s mind was eased by her warm expression.
extend = The opposite word is contract.
Hank extended his right hand.