Wearing makeup and men’s hairdos

I wonder if you are wearing makeup when you are at home.

started thinking about this after a time when I wasn’t wearing makeup at during a night  English class on Skype.
Teacher Z said something that sounded strange to meso I asked Z, “How should I say ‘I didn’t wear makeup’?”
Then I learned a new expression, “I’m not wearing makeup.”
Then Z continued, “Do you usually wear makeup? You look the same.”
I mixed feelings about what Z saidI was iffy about his comment. 🤔   Then Teacher Z said, “That was meant to be a compliment.”
I should be happy.  😊

And Z thought me another sentence, ‘He wears his hair in a comb over.’

How interesting English is!
I wonder if bald men are wearing comb overs when they are at home, as well.

After Z corrected this he said, “Not yet! Not yet!”
I don’t think teacher Z is bald. Not yet! 😁

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