Once bitten, twice shy.

Hank and Edith: Lesson 9
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E: Hank pointed at her backyard, and Edith stared there and said,  causing Edith to look and say, “No, was someone looking at you from back there?” As soon as she turned back and see to around to face Hank, the squirrel stared to at Hank again, and then it went to Hank’s backyard.
Z: Hank cried, “Oh, No! My dog is chained up in my backyard! I need to go back to my place immediately to find out what that spooky squirrel is up to! “
E: Hank run ran to his backyard and looked at his dog. She didn’t wag her tail but she was good. He removed the chain, hold held her, and take took her to Edith’s house.
Z: While he was walking he suddenly felt an intense pain in his neck.  His arm shot up and he grabbed at the spot, to find the squirrel was attached to his neck with its teeth!
E: At that time, Edith yelled,”Stop it!”, her voice was so loudly very loudly. The squirrel was surprised and, released his mouth, and run ran away in into the dark yard.
Z: Hank mumbled, “Edith, help me, I’m feeling so weak.”

E:It was sunny outside, the sunshine entered a bedroom. Three days have had passed  since then. When hank woke up, he was so starving. He staggered to his feet, but he thought it was feeling very uncomfortable, and then he saw himself. It He was wearing dark blue pajamas with hot pink buttons. It was pretty tight around his waist and its pants the pant legs were a little bit short for him. He noticed it was they were a woman’s pajamas. He staggered to towards the kitchen. He smelled coffee and some kind of sweets. There were some pancakes and mixed fruits on the counter. And he saw Edith from behind that was flying a pancake during as she was frying a pancake while singing and dancing.
Z: Then Hank got the biggest surprise yet, a strange looking squirrel wearing a black cape was sitting at the dinning room table with a knife and fork in its little hands.
To be continued…

I appeared the squirrel was dressed in a cloak and I crossed over story.  I brought in the squirrel wearing a cloak and thus crossed over with an earlier story I wrote.🐿

Similar words to stare are eye, view, ogle, leer, gaze, peer, and observe…etc.
They describe ways of looking at something or someone.
peer = look closely
e.g. gaze at ocean, gaze
e.g. He peered into the window.
spooky = kind of scary, like a ghost, kind of creepy
creepy =  kind of scary, making one feel uncomfortable
another name of ghost is spook.
intense pain = = extremely painful, opposite of mild pain
shot up = very fast movement
mumbled = talk low voice, not very clearly

“Then Hank got the biggest surprise yet,”
yet = until now, up to this point, to date