Something in the dark

Hank and Edith: Lesson 8
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E: Hank couldn’t wait by 5:00pm, he has gone to reach Edith’s house before 10min and press the door-bell. the last ten minutes until 5p, so he rushed over and pressed Edith’s doorbell. Edith quickly came soon to open the front door, and when she did Hank said immediately, “I had made this.  Shall we eat?” But Edith was happily and received him cordially surprised and welcomed him insideEdith said with a smilely.
Z: Hank entered proudly carring his dishes of food, but stopped suddenly when he saw the nephew and his girlfriend. He thought he was having dinner with Edith alone.
E: Edith served her numberings put her dumplings on the table. Hank put his all of his food on it the table as well.
Z: Hank was starting to turn back into his grumpy old self. he felt like he didn’t want to share his food with young stars and he wanted Edith all to himself.
E: Edith noticed Hank is was getting grumpy. Edith said, “Time to go home, Billy. Don’t disturb our dinner time.” Billy shook hands with Hank and he whispered into Hank’s ear.
Z: “If you do anything to hurt my Aunt Edith, you will regret it.”With that he grabbed his girlfriends hand and led her out of Edith’s house.
E: At that time, a squirrel was in Edith’s backyard. He was dressed in a cloak.
Z: Suddenly, something caught Hank’s eye, out the back window. He said to Edith, “do you see two glowing red eyes out in your backyard?”
To be continued…

youngster = young person
glowing = shining light from within
glowing person = appear healthy / happy
It’s difficult to pronoun “Edith’s.”
thus = therefore, and so
greed = the selfish desire for something. usually money, power, food
He is greedy and doesn’t want to share.