The Way to a Woman’s Heart

Hank and Edith: Lesson 7
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E: He suddenly came up with a good idea. He checked about good food looked on his iPad to find out what foods would be good for her anemia, and learned that liver, beef, sesame, cocoa and honey would be healthy for her.
Z: Getting excited to cook a healthy meal for Edith, Hank sped off towards the glossary grocery store.
E: Hank bought a sesame dressing and sesame cookies. Hank back returned to his home.
Z: When he got back, he smacked himself in the forehead, remembering that he only had beer in the fridge!  What was he going to put the dressing on?!
E: Although Hank doesn’t like shopping, he returned to the store. But he didn’t know what should to buy. Quickly putting items into his cart, one after another, and then he bought various colorful vegetables and fruits, 1kg of beef, and then one a bottle of tequila and chocolate pretzels.
Z: He then got back in his car and rushed home. He didn’t know if he’d have time to cook all the food before dinner time.
E: At that time, Edith was a taking nap, and her nephew and his girlfriend was were watching TV.
Z: Hank hurriedly turned on the stove and began chopping vegetables and slicing the meat.  He’d decided to make a stir-fry.
E: Hank thought he is going to make this would cook the stir-fry just before going to her house. He was looking for his cloths. also began to think about what he would wear.
Z: He wanted to look sharp for Edith, so he decided he would put on his old suit that he hadn’t worn in years.
To be continued…

I completely forgot there are was only beer in Hank’s refrigerator. So Hank had to go to shopping again.  So, I wrote everything I wanted to eat at this time. By the way, I was impressed when I ate a chocolate pretzel for the first time, It’s so delicious! I couldn’t stop eating it.😋

sped off = drive off in a hurry, leave rapidly, or with a quick pace
smacked = hit [onamonapia]
smacked himself in the forehead = hit  himself in the forehead = I forgot, stupid me
hurriedly = in a hurried manner
stir-fry = wok = chinese big pod
look sharp = look nicely, not wrinkle