Love and Head Trauma

Hank and Edith: Lesson 6
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E: “This is my nephew Billy and his girlfriend. I remembered I asked them to organize my lumber storage room.
Z: “Then why are they hitting me in the head?!” yelled Hank.
E: “Because you entered through the window” Billy said.
Z: “Well, I guess I can understand why you did it, since you probably thought I was robbing Edith’s house” said Hank.
E: Next time, I will come over to make sure you are seeing everything correctly when you are making food.”I’m Hank, by the wayHank said to Billy, “remember so you don’t hit me again.”
Z: “Well, don’t come in through the window again” replied Billy with a laugh.
E: Edith cooled Hank’s Hanks head with a towel covered filled with ice cubes and said “I’m going to cook Japanese dumplings. Can you help me for with it?
Z: Hank said, “I’ve never had Japanese food before and I’m very interested to try it.”
E: “Come back at 5 pm come to here again” Edith said. And Hank went back to his house.
Z: Hank kept the ice on his head and walked out the door heading back to his house, still feeling a bit woozy from getting hit in the head.
E: Hank was thinking, ‘What do I should take over for dinner?’ He didn’t know  because he hadn’t had a date with a woman for a long time.
Z: He looked in his fridge to see if he had some food that he could cook up, but sadly he saw that it was only filled with beer.
E: He was going to decided to go shopping, so he grabbed his wallet and he rode on got in his car.
Z: Backing out of his driveway, Hank thought to himself ‘I could really get to like this woman.’
To be continued…

moron = idiot, stupid person
something with a laugh = joking
woozy = similar to dizzy