Dangerous misunderstanding

Hank and Edith: Lesson 5
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E: Hank found a small amount of powder in the cup.
Z: Hank was confused, was Edith trying to poison herself or was something else strange happening?
E: Edith was starting remembering and said, “After drinking coffee, I passed out in the kitchen and saw somebody looked me looking down at me and also looking around for something.”
Z: Suddenly, Hank saw movement out of the corner of his eye, but before he could turn to look he got whacked in the back of the head by a large, heavy object.
E: Edith noticed they are that it was her nephew and his girlfriend, and she said, “Stop it!”
Z: “We thought this strange man had attacked you auntie!” said Billy, the nephew, “So I whacked him in the head with a hummer hammer.”
E: Edith remembered and went to into the bathroom and open the drawer, she  found  finding her anemia medication.
Z: Edith came out and said, “there’s been a huge mistake here.  I put on the wrong glasses and grabbed the rat poison instead of the sugar, and I also forgot to take my medication so I passed out on the kitchen floor.”
E: Hank looked hurt as he sit sat on the floor. And billy said “I’m sorry, Are you all right?” Hank became grumpy.
Z: “Dammit!  Who are you and what are you kids doing here?!”
To be continued…

Original comment:
I forgot Hank was always grumpy. 😵

whacked = hit