First kiss

Hank and Edith: Lesson 4
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Z: Hank shook Edith’s foot and said, “is everything okay?”  Edith didn’t move nor make a sound.
E: Hank tried to lift Edith up on in his arms, but she was too heavy he thought, and he broke strained his lower back.
Z: Hand dropped her on the floor, and she still didn’t stir.
E: Hank tried to revival revive her with CPR.
Z: As he was blowing in her mouth, Edith woke up suddenly and slapped Hank across the face.  “Why are you kissing me!” yelled Edith.
E: He flinched and hemmed spat out, “You are were almost about to die.”
Z: Edith slurred, “The last thing I remember was taking a drink from that glass over there on the counter.”
E: Hank smelled the glass but he didn’t find anything.
Z: Then Hank noticed something. “Were you wearing your glasses when you made your drink?”
E: Hank found something on the glasses.
Z: You messed it all up! “There is some white power on your glasses and a box of rat poison on the counter, I think you used the poison instead of the sugar in your drink!”
E: Edith said, “Perhaps, but I guess think somebody may have come into here my house. Ouch..” Edith touched her head and groaned.”My head became is swollen.”
Z: “Maybe the person who poisoned you is still in the house!” said Hank nervously, “maybe I should go look around.”
E: Hank walked around her rooms house, and found two cups of coffee on the living room table, and said “one of the cups was is stained red with lipstick.”
Z: He looked at Edith’s lips.  She was wearing bright red lipstick!
To be continued…

Z said, “Messed it all up!” My sentence have messed up his plan. 😁

stir = beginning to move
clunk = onamonapia, sound to hit something
CPR = Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
to spit out = to say words
slurred = run words together / derogatory words about somebody