A date to remember

Hank and Edith: Lesson 3
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E: “I make a sweets once a week, a cake or cookies or something like that, but it I always have some left.” she said a little lonely. with loneliness in her voice.
Z: Hank finally finished most of the food in his mouth, and washed the rest down with a gulp of coffee.
E: Edith laughed, and Hank said,” I can eat anytime.“
Z: “That’s not why I’m laughing,” said Edith with a wicked grin, “I’m laughing because I poisoned the cheesecake!”
E: Hank looked shocked, Edith said,”I’m joking.”
Z: “Phew” Hank exclaimed and laughed himself, “that’s good, because I have started to really enjoy your company.”
E: “Thank you, but I might poisoned the next sweets that I bring over” she said.
Z: “So it’s a date” said Hank playfully, “I’ll see you same time same place next week.”
E: After one week, Edith didn’t come to Hanks house.
Z: Hank began to get worried, and wondered if something terrible had befallen his new friend.
E: Hank went to Edith’s house and looked into her room from outside through a window.  Seeing no one, he then found one an open window was opened.
Z: He was about to go to the door and knock, when out of the corner of his eye, through the open window, he saw the foot of a woman who looked to be lying on the floor.
E: He went into her house through the open the window, and his shirt broken by that caught on the sill and tore, and he dropped down to the floor next to Edith.
To be continued…

In this time, I said “mistypo” spontaneously when I had mistook made a writing mistake. I mashed two words “mistake and typo.” I’m sometimes outfused comfused in my brain.confused

= onamonapia = words made from sounds = words that represent sounds
mimic = copy
grin = smile
playfully = joke around have fun, opposite of seriously
synonymous = means the same thing
befallen = happen to something bad
perfecto! (Italian) = perfect
peepers = eyes
peeping Tom = someone who illegally looks into someone’s house, usually through the window.
peripheral vision = you can see the side
sill = bottoms of the window