Resistance to Cheesecake is Futile

Hank and Edith: Lesson 2
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E: Hank said, ”OK!” Edith sat on it in the chair and pushed a cup of coffee to in front of Hank.
Z: Hank said, ” How do I know you’re not trying to poison me?  I don’t usually trust strangers.”
E: Edith drank a cup of coffee in front of Hank. She To prove it wasn’t poisoned.
Z: Hank was so used to being grumpy and alone, he had a hard time believing that this woman was sincere, but he felt he could trust her.
E: At that time, Edith’s cell-phone rung rang, she said, “see you please excuse me for a moment“, she went back to her home, bringing only her coffee cup only, two pieces of cheese cakes and a cup of coffee were left on his the table.
Z: Hank though, “that was rude,” but then he looked at the two pieces of cheese cake in front of him and his mouth started to water.
E: Edith didn’t hadn’t come back to his house soon yet, and Hank can’t couldn’t wait to eat it, so he ate one bite.
Z: It tasted delicious!  Hank gave another look to see if Edith was returning, and when he saw that she wasn’t he quickly stuffed both pieces of cheesecake into his mouth.
E: After that, Edith came back again to his porch, she was smiling when she saw the empty plate and thought about whether to pick up the tray and tried to go back to her home.
Z: Hank felt terrible, he tried to apologize but his mouth was so full of cheesecake the only sound that came out sounded like a grunting pig.
To be continued…

I thought about a title for this story with Z.
My ideas were “‘Hank and Edith’ or ‘The neighbors’.”
Z’s one were, “‘Hank the Crank Takes Edith to the Bank’ and ‘Good fences don’t make good neighbors’.”

In this time, I showed him my snack. But it was the same as usual, nuts and chocolate. Z looked at it and said, “Are those the same ones from for weeks ago? They might be stale.”
“No way!”😤  …..🙂
stale = not fresh, old food  dried out, lost flavor. not rotten.   e.g. bread

to the point = short and precise
precise = to be very exact, You are saying exactly what you mean to say.
cranky = more than grumpy
You can take that to the bank. = kind of idiom. You can count on it.
saliva =  wet substance produced by your mouth = spit
drooling = saliva dripping out of your mouth
mouth watering = looks/tastes delicious
e.g. I drool while I nap. / I drool while I’m taking a nap.
sleep on my arm = cut off the blood, arm like becomes limp, dead. = numb
tingle = experience a slight prickling or stinging sensation.  a.g. Blood goes back into it, it feels tingly.
stuff your face = eat a lot very fast
grunt = sound made when using a lot of effort
futile = incapable of producing any useful result.
tweak = change a little bit to improve something
e.g. = for example