Good fences don’t always make good neighbors

Hank and Edith: Lesson 1
Z: Hank was sitting on the porch in his rocking chair lost deep in thought.
E: Edith was in her yard raking leaves, when some of the leaves were blown by the wind onto Hank’s property.
Z: Hunk Hank woke up with a start when a leaf stuck to his forehead.
E: But Edith didn’t notice that.
Z: Hank looked around, saw Edith in her yard, and yelled grumpily, “I’m gonna get you for that woman!”
E: Edith fake to pretended she didn’t hear Hank and went into her kitchen.
Z: Hank became furious and shook his fist in the air.
E: Edith appeared to in her yard with two peace pieces of cheese cake and two cups of coffee and shouted “let’s eat together..
Z: Hank was caught by surprise, he was so used to being grumpy all the time he didn’t know how to react to someone being so nice to him.
E: Edith said, “May I enter in your yard?” And then she went onto his property without waiting for an answer.
Z: Hank looked at her with surprise, he hadn’t had any visitors on his property for quite some time.
E: “May I sit on the chair?” asked Edith.
Z: “You want to sit in the chair with me, on my lap?!” gasped Hank.
E: Edith put them the tray on the table, and she put a cup in front of Hank, and she started to drink a cup of coffee.
Z: “Well Hank,” said to Edith, “since I don’t know you very well yet, how about I sit in this chair here across from you?”
To be continued…

I talked with Teacher Z about our new story. First, we had to think about the subject. And what kind of subject would you like? Who is a the main character? Man or woman? Where do they live? How old are they? What’s the plot? I was bombarded with questions from him.
I said, “The main characters are everyday people. An Old man and an woman. They are living in USA and they speak English, because I needed to study English using this story.”
Z said,”You’ll take dictation“I’ll start the first sentence of the story while you take dictation. The man’s name is Hank. The old lady’s name is Edith.”

lost deep in thought = your thinking in your head, people looking at you very concentrating. all your attention is in inside your head and you’re not paying attention to what’s going on in the outside world.
Hunk =  a big  muscular man
grumpily = bad tempered and sulky
furious = very angry
caught by surprisecaught unaware, not ready for something
lap = space formed on top of legs when sitting down
how about? = what do you think about …..
lap dog = it’s small enough to sit (or fit) in your lap.
laptopa portable computer that can fit on your lap
all coming together = you are putting together the meaning with of things you’ve learned and how they relate to each other
word association = memorizing words by associating them with images or other easily remembered things

*mending wall – by Robert Frost – “Good fences make good neighbors.