Things we didn’t learn at school

One day’s lesson, I told to teacher Z one of the character name in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I was going to ask him what do you think about “Rey.
But Teacher Z thought at first, I said “Princess Leia.
And I said, “No, I said the new main woman character ‘Lay’.”
Z said, “Lay?”
I said, “Yes, Lay, maybe”.
Finally Z noticed, I said it’s not “Lay” but “Rey!”. I noticed it’s difficult to hear those sounds and pronounce them as well.

And teacher Z taught me the meaning of “lay.
“It means to lay down and also it means to have sex.”
I don’t know these kind of English words because we didn’t study them in English classes at school.

And Z asked me, “Do you know what they call the flower necklace in Hawaii? It’s called a ‘lei’.”
And then teacher Z taught me a joke. “I got leid in Hawaii.”  smile