4. The Beginning of the End?

The buzzed ghost 3: Lesson 4
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E: Em said,”We have to must do them it thenThis season is my most favorite season of year for me. This is my favorite season of the year.

🎵  ’It’s the most wonderful time of the year  🎵 … by Andy Williams’

Em opened her car’s key unlocked her car doors.
Em said, ”I’ll drive today. Will you put Count Nutter in the cage or your pocket? ”
Tyler asked him, “Which do you prefer? ”
Count Nutter said testily, ”I don’t like either. I’m an adult. Even if that cage has a special bed for me I don’t want to enter in into it like a cell.”
Tyler said, “This is not a cell. You can open it from the inside at any time.”
Count Nutter enter got in a the right pocket of Tyler’s shirt. Tyler sat down on in the passenger seat and he tried to put his seatbelt on. But it folded tightened down across Count Nutter‘s body tightly. Count Nutter moved into the left shirt pocket. And he said, “Have you already forgotten I’m here?”
Tyler said, “I’m joking.”
Count Nutter put pulled his cloak into the pocket also. Em said, “Hey guys, Are you ready?”
They arrived at the brewery.
To be continued…?

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