3. The mission 2

The buzzed ghost 3: Lesson 3
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E: Em picked up the map and stared at it. The map folded in four, but it was a kind of an electronic map. Em opened it and the map was started.
She said, “Is this dotted line the ghost king’s footprints? This line went goes along our brewery and the church.”
Tyler looked into it and then it disappeared the screen went blank. “Let’s go there.”Tyler said. Em nodded without say anything. She couldn’t hadn’t recovered yet. But her curiosity was stronger than her fear. Tyler brought the map, the key and he wore the watch. Em said, “Are you all right alright? You looks so nervous.”
Tyler put on his cap to cover his the scar on the top of his head. Em put a gun into her pockets. And Count Nutter carried a tiny bin sack on his hip, There were a lot of with many colorful drugs in there inside of it. Tyler was trying to calm down himself and he said a joke.
To be continued…  🙂

Z:Tyler said, “What room of the house do ghosts never use?”
“I don’t know tell me” said Em.
Tyler laughed,  “living room”.
With that they all headed out onto the street. Em’s car was parked a few blocks down, and as they walked they passed houses decorated with strings of Christmas lights.
Em said, “I can’t believe we’re leaving on the mission during the Christmas holiday! I would rather be hanging tinsel on our Christmas tree, wrapping presents, and drinking egg nog.”
“I know it’s difficult” said Tyler, “but if we don’t stop this ghost invasion, this may be the last Christmas humans ever have on earth.”
To be continued…

Original comment:
I tried to get make Z come up with a joke.cool  Z said, “Oh man!” or something like that. But Z gave me two jokes. Thanks always. 🙂  There is an another joke.
“Knock knock”,said Tyler.
“Who’s there”,said Em.
“Boo” replied Tyler.
“Boo who” said Em.
“Oh, Why are you crying Em? Hahahahahaha~” laughed Tyler.  

boo hoo = crying
Christmassy = not real word, like christmas like
egg nog = traditional drink, not delicious? I want to drink it.
invasion (noun) = to trying go someplace not yours take it over
invade (verb) : a.g. The aliens invaded earth.