2. The mission

The buzzed ghost 3: Lesson 2
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E: “I’m home.” Em announced. Em looked at Count Nutter and said “Hi! What’s up!” But he didn’t said say anything. ( or  But he said nothing) However, he looked like to pretended he was pretending not to hear her. Em had never talked with him yet so far. Em entered in the kitchen. “What’s up!” said Tyler.
“Same as last time. I talked to her and she gave me the same amount of drags drugs. But for some unknown reason, ( or But for some reason, I don’t know why, ) I can’t trust her yet, Even though she saved me at the parking lot of the church.”
So I didn’t feel comfortable talking to her deeply in depth today, as well again.Tyler said, “You can find another good doctor.”
Em said,”Yeah, by the way, it smells delicious. What are you cooking? Do you have my dinner as well?”
“Of course! If you pay me $20.” said Tyler, smiling and he put his saving cash box in front of Em. She paid it and then gave a package toTyler, and said saying
“I met a postman in front of our house, it’s for next your your next mission, isn’t it?”

Z: “Yes it is” said Tyler, “but let’s worry about that later. Now it’s to eat!”
“What will we be having?” asked Em curiously.
“I have a great meal prepared for us today” boasted Tyler, “To drink we have a choice of water, IPA beer, or a very nice pinot noir. For appetizers there will be salad and shrimp cocktail. The main course is a delicious roast pork loin on a bed of sauteed kale and fingerling potatoes on the side. Desert is my famous key lime pie.”
“Wow!” exclaimed Em, “that sounds fantastic, well worth $20!”

They all sat down and devoured the meal. Even Count Nutter had a little squirrel sized plate piled high with pork, but he kept muttering something about it not being bloody enough.
After the meal they went into the livingroom to open the package.
Tyler unwrapped it and lifted off the lid to the box. Inside were several items: a watch, a map, a key, and a note.
Tyler took out the note and read it aloud “Dear Tyler, here are the items you will need to accomplish your mission. The watch is special, it will direct you to the location of the ghost king. However, the ghost king can only be killed by a very special knife. The map will help you find the knife and you will also have to figure out how to use the key in order to complete your quest. Once you have killed the ghost king you will stop becoming a zombie and return to a full human. Also, the ghosts that have invaded your world will be banished back to from where they have come.”
To be continued…

rip off = bad financial deal = charging more money than something is worth
I got ripped off. That’s a rip off.
He didn’t say anything. or But he said nothing.
prior = before
a.g. Prior to going out and drinking vodka, I like to eat Ramen.
boast = brag = opposite of modest
modest is to be moderate
exclaimed = said
muttering = say something not clearly
invaded = someone goes into someone’s territory