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The buzzed ghost 3: Lesson 1
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E: There are a lot of graves behind the church. Almost of those were people’s who all of them were of those whom Redrum killed.  And Redrum’s one was there grave was there too. His gravestone showed read ‘Redrum, serial killer rests in here.’ And one of the graves was Bryan’s, but it contained only his body, not his soul, because he didn’t die by stop his special watch. And he returned back a ghost. he became a ghost again when his special watch ran out of time.

One year later. The huge house on the hill that called was now known as a haunted house. The house used to be Redrum’s. Tyler and his new friend was were preparing dinner in there the kitchen. He endured to eat human resisted eating people, as he was trying to live as a human. At that time, Suddenly, his cell phone received got a mail a text from Em.
“I’ll be back soon, I’m starving.”
She was going to back her home from a psychiatrist, Dr. Bonkers, office. She was feeling guilty that she did about what she had done. Em couldn’t recover from her chain of events. Although Even though Bryan didn’t die, and the priest didn’t die as well neither did the priest (because he was wearing a protective vest). This house was hers because Redrum’s will continued on the 2nd page. There were On the first page of the Redrum’s willwas written,
‘Whoever does the following task will inherit all of my money and possessions….kill Bryan before his time clock runs out.’
But, on second page it was written,
“Or, when I die, if I couldn’t kill failed in killing Em and she still lives survives, she will inherit all of mine my possessions.
So she got this the house and she rented on of the rooms for to Tyler. She helped was helping him in his mission now.
To be continued…

Z: As Tyler waited for Em’s return, he thought about what he had to do. He needed to figure out why the ghosts were invading the world of the living and he had to find a way to not fully become a zombie and regain his humanity. His craving for human flesh was becoming difficult to withstand. And, his new friend and sidekick Count Nutter wasn’t any help at all. Count Nutter is a vampire squirrel, that only Tyler can talk to and understand, and who always tries to convince Tyler to go out and kill humans so they can eat them and drink their blood.
To be continued…

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I didn’t think about who made his grave stone.   😐

RIP = Rest In Peace
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