12. A ghastly smile

The buzzed ghost 2: Lesson 12
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E: Em said,“You gave enough money to the clergyman! And that you stole that money from my internet account. You plotted to get all of my property, after we got married here and after I dead you killed me tonight.”
Bryan gained showed a ghastly smile. And Em cut his throat. Em looked at her cell phone’s mail from a her bank. Em walked toward Tyler. Tyler still lived, but she didn’t know if he was a human or a zombie. Em talked spoke to him, “I may become a ghost, because I think I can’t go to heaven.”
Em lay on the altar. Tyler stared at she is dying her as she died. Em’s cellphone‘s watch showed 1:00am. Bryan’s special watch showed the time left, 00:00:00.
….The elderly woman was walking toward the altar. She took up Em’s cellphone. She gained A ghastly smile overcame her face as well.
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Original comment:
So gory… I was so surprised I wrote a gory story.   😯
Tyler left, Em could be a ghost, Bryan could still be a ghost too, old lady she should be in it because she seems kind of creepy.
Tyler is a zombie maybe, he is on the mission to find out where all these ghost over taking Tokyo or somewhere? Zombie Tyler have to figure out where are we ghost coming from and stop them before take over for the all people?

creepy = scary and weird