11. The ridiculous nonsense

The buzzed ghost 2: Lesson 11
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E: Bryan said, “I knew you had a winning ticket lottery ticked in your vanity case. And one day, it was gone. I thought you change turned it to in for the money, because you had bought a very expensive ring around these those days.” Rolled Em’s Em rolled her eyes. The Clergyman broke into their conversation. “You have a last chance. Although you don’t understand, it won’t be long before you will be dead again and  you can’t won’t be able to become naturally human, anymore.”
If you don’t anything, you will live as a ghost and a prisoner. But if you repent for your sins, you will go to the heaven.” Bryan said,”Why do you know that?”
The Clergyman said, “A lot of ghosts often come to here.”
Suddenly, Em breathed with difficulty. Bryan said, “ I should tell you another sin, I put a poison in Em’s margarita.”

Z: Em looked around the church wildly and thought to herself, “I’ve heard had enough of this ridiculous nonsense!” She grabbed the knife that had been in Tyler’s head and moved towards Bryan with a murderous look in her eyes.
The clergyman stepped between them and said, “Stop this madness right now!  You are all need to repent immediately!”
Em said, “I’m a budgets Buddhist!”  And stacks stuck the knife in the clergyman’s heart.  She shoved the now limp body a side aside, grabbed Bryan by the neck, and held the knife up to his throat.
To be continued…

Original comment:
I don’t roll my eyes and I tried to look up and down. But I couldn’t. I need to practice gestures, not only English.

rolled one’s eyes = threw one’s hands up in disgust = Oh my god! I can’t believe something. It’s pretty rude. 🙄

Past tense of these is those. These and those are just location. These is here, those is there..maybe
murderous = look like going to kill someone, very angry, crazy
shoved = pushed
limp ⇔ stiff