10. The truth

The buzzed ghost 2: Lesson 10
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E: Em and Bryan recoiled from the horrible sight. Tyler had a knife on in his right hand and assault Bryan. They came to grips grabbed each other. Tyler’s knife stabbed Bryan’s left belly, but at the same time, Bryan took off pulled the knife out of Tyler’s head. The blood spurted from Tyler’s head. Tyler was yelling, and he couldn’t move anymore. The Clergyman said to Tyler and Bryan, “You can still repent of for your sins.”
Bryan said first,”I’m sorry, I didn’t want to marry Em on our wedding day, yet. And I want to be a human more than I want to be her husband.”
Bryan looked at Em and said, “You already recognised this, aren’t didn’t you?”
Em said, “Yes, I was going to tell you, ‘You can kill me, if you want to live as a human without me.’ ”.
Tyler said,”I…”

Z: “I know the truth! The reason Redrum killed Bryan that night is because he found out Bryan was planning on killing Em all along!”
Em gasped, “really? I can’t believe it!”
“Yes”, said Tyler, “I found evidence on Redrum’s computer in his basement.”
“It’s true,” said Bryan, “my plan has always been to kill you. And I would have succeeded if I wasn’t an alcoholic and didn’t go out drinking the night of our wedding. But, now I’m going to kill everyone in this room!”
“Why?” cried Em.
To be continued…

coil = wind up, spring
to come to grips with something = to understand and accept something
jerk = not a nice person
all along = whole time from the beginning