9. Ruining all of his plans

The buzzed ghost 2: Lesson 9
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E: Em and Bryan arrived at the church. However, a the door couldn’t wouldn’t open. Em was remembering about the wedding day. She has had mixed feelings. She said,”What do you want to do here?”
Bryan didn’t say anything, and he still tried but he was still trying to open the door. Em noticed an elderly woman was walking toward the church. The elderly woman said, “There is a knack to opening the door.”
She stand stood by Bryan, and she opened it without a key, easily. When they looked at in the church, there was an elderly man that wearing clergyman’s uniform.
dressed as a clergyman. The elderly woman winked cutely at him. Bryan took Em’s hand and  they entered into the church. Bryan knelt down and said “Will you marry me now?”
Em said,”No…”
Em’s cellphone’s watch showed 12:25am. However Bryan’s special watch showed the time left, 00:35:00.

Z: Bryan said, “You are ruining all of my plans!  For me to become human permanently again, one of two things have to happen.  One, we get married, or two….I must sacrifice you on the church altar by starving stabbing a knife throw through your heart!” Just then the front door slammed open!  Tyler stumbled through it and let out an ear piercing yell!
To be continued…

ruin = wreck, destroy, no longer works
permanently = for all time?
altar = religious, focus your attention in the front like a table?
stab = short, violent motion down
slammed = noise, very fast and hard motion
stumbled = trip
ear piercing = very loud, high pitch, seems like piercing ear drums