8. The murderer’s will

The buzzed ghost 2: Lesson 8
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E:Tyler looked at Em. Tyler said, “What are you saying? I’m Tyler. I got have the feeling my head isn’t as usual.”
”I think because the a knife is sticking out of your head.” said Em and she pointed at his head. Tyler touched his head and the knife. He looked like he don’t didn’t know what happened to him. He said, “I’m living, I think I’m not a zombie.”
Em said, “Show me proof.”
Tyler gazed over at Em with a worried look. Bryan’s gun was Bryan, with his gun pointing at Tyler, said to Em, “We don’t have enough time. I want to go to the church where we should have get gotten married.” After a moment Em said, “Sure.”
Bryan said to Tyler, “If you aren’t a zombie, you can call a the police.”
Tyler said, “I will.”
Em watched Tyler anxiously, Bryan and Em left the Redrum’s house.Tyler looked around Redrum’s cave basement. He looked at himself in a mirror on the fireplace, and he thought ‘I may become a zombie soon.’ His head sank forward on his breast chest. And the same time, an envelope came under his eyes into view. It said ‘will’.

Z:Tyler opened the envelope and read the will. It said, “Whoever does the following task will inherit  all of my money and possessions….kill Bryan before his time clock runs out.”
Tyler thought, ‘I really need the money, and as rich as Redrum was I’ll be set for life.’
to be continued…

Original comment:
This story is a romance or a tragedy?

man cave = Men have only his room in the house
inherit = money is passed down from someone dies, too.
possessions : it’s difficult to write ‘possessions and Mississippi.’