7. The Haunted house

The buzzed ghost 2: Lesson 7
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E: Em looked at the place where she heard the sound. Her cellphone light was lighting  lit up many bloody knives and guns on the wall and Redrum was standing beside them. Bryan put took a gun from the pocket of his coat and he pointed his gun it at Redrum. Redrum said,”you can’t pull the trigger. You were a ghost. If you kill me, you understand well what do you will happen to you.” Bryan didn’t say anything. At that time, they heard sounds upstairs. Bryan and Em turned away from him. In the Seeing his chance, Redrum caught grabbed Em and he quickly cut her wrist deeply. In another The next moment his knife put he put the knife to Em’s throat. Redrum said,”I wanted get you to to kill you.” There is Her blood dropped was dripping on the floor. Bryan was furious. Em was able to endure the pain and she ducked. Bryan shoot his gun at Redrum’s head. Redrum fell down on the floor. Bryan ran up to Em. Em said, “I’m all right, Tyler blinked his eyes now.”
Tyler was still alive. Em’s cellphone’s watch showed 12:01a. However Bryan’s special watch showed the time left, 00:59:58.

Z: “Something has happened to our time, Em!” said Bryan, “I think when I shot Redrum I broke the ghost rules. We only have one hour left!” Suddenly they heard a terrifying groaning noise escape from Tyler’s mouth. He sat up stiffly, his eyes were bloodshot and drool fell from his lips. He said, “Brains.”
“Oh shit” said Em, “Tyler has turned into a zombie!”
To be continue…

Original comment:
When Bryan killed somebody, his time got shorter. They don’t have much time left. There were a ghost, a murderer and a zombie??

ducked = move out of the way down
groaning = a low, mournful sound uttered in pain or grief
bloodshot = red eyes
drool = liquied from your mouth comes out