5. Excuse for cheating 2

The buzzed ghost 2: Lesson 5  
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E:Tyler was talking to Bryan. “Last Friday, I drank with Em in this house. But we didn’t do anything else.” Bryan looked doubtful.Tyler said, “Em was so drunk, she spilled her tequila on her jeans. So she took off the jeans by herself and she said to me, ‘Wash my jeans, immediately. Bring my electronic toothbrush, etc. And I want to eat egg sandwiches for brunch. Thank you.’ When I came back from the laundry room, she was already sleeping on the sofa.” Bryan still looked doubtful. Tyler said,”I can prove it. I put her fresh jeans on the shelf in the laundry room. Em wore another pair of pants the next day. I think it they should still be there. And the next morning, I bought some eggs, bread and coffee at the supermarket while she was sleeping. We couldn’t eat everything. I think the eggs are still in your fridge.” Em smiled as though she remembered, and said, “I asked to my boss, Tyler, these things, definitely. I was having so much fun but I was so sleepy.” Bryan said to Em, “But, why didn’t you ask Tyler at that morning, ‘Did we do that?’ or something like that?”
Em said,”I thought I made a mistake, so I didn’t want to listen to anything.” The wall clock showed 10:00p.
Bryan’s special watch showed the time left, 20:00:00.

Z:  Finally, Bryan accepted the explanation. He said, “Alright, enough of this wasting time.  I’ll be a ghost again shortly. There’s a big house up on the hill that I want to visit.” Em said, “Fine.”
Tyler said, “I’ll go with you guys!” They got in the car and Bryan started driving. The other two noticed a strange look had come over his face. It was like a shadow had descended. They pulled up to a large, expensive house. The name on the mailbox said “The Redrums”.
To be continued…

Original comment:
I wanted to write that Tyler is a little strange but he is not a rapist and we can’t hate him because he’s behaviour is just unusual, he’s not that bad.
And I don’t like bossy persons, but I wrote Em was so bossy in this time.

Z also explained his sentences after his turn, “It’s seems like the shadow dropping over Bryan’s face that shows may be he has malice on his brain.”
Z added, “Tyler is with Em and Bryan now. Do they want Tyler hanging out with them on the 20 hours before Bryan turned back to a ghost? Where do we go from here? We are going to kick it up a notch!”
I thought, “I see…I wonder what I should write next.”

hang out = spend time
descended = to go down  ⇔ ascend = go up
pulled up =  move forward, usually slowly,  this is only vihicles.
malice = to have bad intentions
kick it up a notch = increase the energy