4. Excuse for cheating 1

The buzzed ghost 2: Lesson 4   
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E: I was living in the basement of the brewery from where you were missing. Because I couldn’t live here by alone. We were going to live here together. So, Tyler pick me up gave me a ride to this house when I bring my clothes for Automun.  to get my fall clothes. At that time we drank and before I knew it, I fell asleep. When I woke up on the sofa in the morning, I was wearing a t-shirt and underwear. And Tyler was cooking for brunch. So I thought we did it perhaps. But I don’t remember exactly. Bryan said, “Call Tyler immediately.” Em called him and she gave Bryan her cellphone. “Come to my house, now!” Bryan said toTyler. The wall clock showed 9:00p. Bryan’s special watch showed the time left, 21:00:00.

Z: Ten minutes later, Tyler walked through the door.  He said, “what’s going on, what’s so important that I have to hurry over here?” Bryan lunged at him, knocking Tyler to the floor. He grabbed him by the throat and yelled, “Did you take advantage of Em while she was passed out drunk?”
Tyler said, “If you stop choking me, I’ll tell you what happened!”
To be continued…

Original comment:
I didn’t want to write a terrible story though. Tyler is a rapist??? It’s a illegal activity.

lunged = movement quick, going to grab someone
choking = to stop the breath