3. The empty place

The buzzed ghost 2: Lesson 3   
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E: Em got sleepy. Bryan said, “You have eaten about enough for two persons people tonight, as usual.“Em was dozing off. Bryan looked sad and he was thinking, But you’re always buzzed after ate eating Mexican foods and drinking a glass of margharitas, nonetheless you brush your teeth even while you’re staggering. But you can drink a lot now.
Bryan said, “Let’s go back to our house. Wake up!”
They soon arrived at their house soon. Em was looking for a key in front of the door. Bryan remembered and said, “I think a key is in your right pockets of your jeans.” Em take took out the key and opened the door. They entered their house. Brian looked around every at all the rooms, until he finally he saw the kitchen. He thought those the rooms hadn’t changed except for the kitchen. There were a lot of beers and a few kinds of bottles of different types of alcohol. And there were many empty bottles, too.
Bryan said, “Did you drink every all of those bottles alone?”
Em said, “Off cause Of course not! I drank with Tyler last weekend.”

Z: “What!” yelled Bryan “you are cheating on me!?”
He felt betrayed and thought to ran run out of the house. Em said, “Well I thought you were dead and I needed company. I was lonely.” Bryan said “Did you sleep with him?”
“Yes” said Em.
To be continued…

Original comment:
I forgot to write about this house in this time. It was supposed to their new home after their wedding.

betrayed = someone promise you something and do something hurt you