2. Sweet memories

The buzzed ghost 2: Lesson 2
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Z:  Bryan reached forward and payed the cabbie. He got out of the cab, went around to Em’s side and opened the door for her. Em said, “I see being murdered hasn’t made you any less of a gentleman.” Bryan smiled and nodded. They entered the restaurant. the woman at the front desk asked them “How many will their there be in your party tonight?” “Just the two of us” said Bryan “Can we have our favourite table over by the window?” “Let me see what I can do.” said the hostess.

E: She sat them at their favourite table. Bryan said,”Do you remember what did we ate for the first time we met?” Although Em was thinking thought about it and said “I’m sorry I don’t remember. But I remembered we drank frozen margaritas. And we had got headaches immediately.”

Z: Bryan laughed loudly. He was happy to remember the good times they had together. “So what would you like to eat?” said Bryan “Let’s call waiter over. “Em said,” yes I’m starving, Let’s eat. Bryan ordered a beef and bean burrito, while Em ordered fish tacos. They also got a pitcher of margaritas to split. They began to chow down and get drank drunk.
To be continued…

Original comment:
If today were the last day of my life, what would I want to do? What would I want to eat? And who would I want to be with? 

Practice using any less of
He’s wearing a skirt but that doesn’t make him any less of a man.

chow down =  just want to eat, all your focus on your food
brain freeze
= drink something very icy and my brain hurt
Have you had brain freeze before?