The Force is with me

I’m doing “Rock, scissors, paper” when we hang up a Skype after a sessionat the end of our Skype session. The Winner get does a thumbs up👍  and makes a happy face. 😀   Looser goes thumb down The loser does a thumbs down 👎  and a sad face. 😞  After that I hang up.
But  I thought teacher Z is was often cheating. I thought he often put his hand down after me. I told him, “You are cheating.”
Z said, “I’m not cheating, trust me. Trust your teacher.” and said too He added, “I’m like Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re like Luke Skywalker. You must trust me.” Z said.
I wanted to snap my 4 games losing streak. I checked his patterns, Z put “paper” when he wanted to win and Z put same way used the same pattern when we were a tie tied. And Finally I was on a 4 games winning streak. Yeah! I got it!😄

Em’s original comment:
After Z corrected this and said, “Not for long. You’re going down.”
Z said, “This is called talking trash. We do it all the time in America, in games playfully.”
OK! I will win next time, too!   😎