8. The time left

The buzzed ghost Lesson 8
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E: Em told said to the buzzed ghost, ”We can’t kill him, even if he is a murderer. Who did tell told you like that you could become human again?” The buzzed ghost said, “I met two angels. One angel told me like this. this method on how to return to the world of the living. The other angel told me another thing, something different.
“You can still choose what you want, but do the right thing. And then you will able to be with her for 24 hours as a human.”
Em looked at the buzzed ghost’s eyes and said, “we have 24 hours.”
The buzzed ghost unwillingly agreed to her proposal and took his finger from Mr. Redrum’s forehead. Mr Redrum ran away in a hurry, nobody followed him. They saw several horrible ghosts around Mr.Redrum. At that time, the buzzed ghost was getting the real his body. He wore her favorite shirt and jeans and wore also an unknown watch. The buzzed ghost hugged Em immediately. Jason looked at them with a warm eye. And then he went out of left the women’s bathroom and he saw looked at his watch. It was 18:01:00, the evening, twilight time. However, The buzzed ghost’s special watch counted down. It showed the left time left, 23:59:00.

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