7. Whispers of the heart

The buzzed ghost Lesson 7     
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E: Mr. Redrum couldn’t move at all. His left ring finger had a tan mark, he didn’t wear a ring. Jason pushed up his sleeve on his shirts. The buzzed ghoast ghost  stared at his tattoo, and he yelled, “You killed me! Why?”
Mr. Redrum said “I don’t want her to marry with you because I love her, as well, From when I employed her in this company. ever since she started working at my company.”
Em was so surprised, again, that she called the police immediately. She said thought out loud, “There are only strange people around me. The boss, Jason, is a pervert. The owner, Redrum, was is the murderer.”
My fiancé hesitated before our wedding, and now you’re he is the buzzed ghost.”

Z: The ghost said, “Em please don’t call the police. We can still be together.”
Em said, ”How can that be? How can be together?”
The ghost said, “It will be easy. All we have to do is take Mr. Redrum out back behind the brewery, dig a hole, bury him arrive alive, and poor pour some beer over the grave. After that I will become human again!”
To be continued…

Em’s original comment:
This is good for Halloween, it’s very gruesome??

gruesome = extremely unpleasant, causing repulsion or horror
repetitive = same thing more than once