6. The night before their wedding

The buzzed ghost Lesson 6     
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E: The ghost started to talk to her, “I was so nervous last night of the night before our wedding day. So I drank a lot of kinds of alcohols in another bar after bachelor party, too. at my bachelor party and then I also went to another bar later and continued to drink more. At that time, one a guy treated me to a cup glass of beer. That beer was so good, but in another the next moment I couldn’t breath anymore. The next time thing I knew, I was buried under the ground of in the back yard in this brewery of the brewery. when I noticed. Em said,
”Did you remember the guy’s face or something?”
The lost husband said “I don’t remember his face but he has a tattoo on the his left arm. I saw the words
“bottoms up,”
and his left 4th ring finger has had a tan of ring mark suggesting he usually wore a ring on that finger. Tyler was suspiciously looked looking at the owner’s face.

Z: The owner, Mr. Redrum, suddenly said,
“I’m feeling cold, let me go put my jacket on.”
Tyler said, “Not so fast,” and grabbed Mr. Redrum’s left arm.  Everyone could see he was wearing a wedding band on he ring finger.  Then Tyler began to push up the sleeve on Mr. Redrum’s shirt. Mr. Redrum said,
“Stop or I will fire you this instant!”
Tyler said, “I don’t care. If you are a murderer, you will go to jail and I will take over your brewery!”
At this point the ghost moved in. He said “Enough!”
He looked deep into Mr. Redrum’s eyes and slowly took one of his fingers and pushed it into the owner’s forehead. The owner froze as if he was paralyzed.
To be continued…

Em’s original comment:
We named the owner’s name in this time. I didn’t have any ideas, so Z named him Mr. Redrum and said, “Read backward.”