5. The identity of the buzzed ghost

The buzzed ghost Lesson 5
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E: She was so surprised and said,
“The buzzed ghost and the perverted boss love me? I want to ask the buzzed ghost Let’s go to the women’s bathroom together.” to go into the bathroom with me.
She started to walk, the owner and Tyler followed her. They entered in the women’s bathroom. Em yelled,
“Hello! Mr. buzzed ghost. Come here now, If you really love me.”
They heard the rumbled from the innermost chamber room. a rumbling coming from the janitor’s closet. And it’s its door opened slowly.
“I’m here.”
Em has been heard recognized the voice!
She was so surprised, Her face turned to a joyful and a sad countenance her expression was one of simultaneous joy and sadness. And she said “ You are…”

Z:  “You are my long lost husband! I thought you run ran away from me. I was standing there, at the altar wearing my wedding dress, on what should have been the happiest day of my life. And then you never showed up. What happened to you? Did you die on the day of our wedding?  And when did you start drinking?”
The owner and Tyler were just standing there with their mouses mouths agape.
To be continued…

simultaneous = at the same time
agape = open mouth when I can’t believe something
mouse = a lot of mice