4. Sneaking around

The buzzed ghost Lesson 4
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E: The owner said, “Tell me, honestly. I can accept it if you had trouble or something like that.”
He readied for 3 cups on the table. At the same time, he found the unknown beer under the table. And the owner said,
“What’s this beer? Other A beer from another company’s one? Um.. No, I have never seen this.”
Tyler’s face looked awkward. The owner opened it, and poured it into the 3 cups. He said,
“Down the hatch!”
They drank that beer. The owner chugged it in one cups gulp, and poured again. At This time he sipped it. He looked like he checked it. he was taste testing it. He looked like It seemed as if he noticed something. and He asked Tyler “So…?” He pressed Tyler for a reply.Tyler’s face looked like sad. After a while, Tyler started to talk tell his story.

Z: “So it goes like this.  I’m in love with Em. So when I snacked snuck into the women’s bathroom, I was trying to make it nice for the next time Em went in there. But then I heard a strange voice. I thought at first that it was some employees coming into the bathroom. But, I then realized it must be a ghost. Then the ghost spoke to me, saying “I am in love with Em, stay away from her or you will die.” This is when I decided that I would rig the drinking game with Em, so that she couldn’t win and she would quit her job because I know she wouldn’t work as a janitor. I love her, but not enough to die.
To be continued…

Em’s original comment:
It was a drinking story, I turned into the ghost story, and then it turned into a love story??

sneak – snuck = to be very secretive and  hiding , sneak up on somebody, and like scare them
rig = complicated cheat so that you will win