3. The perverted boss

The buzzed ghost: Lesson3    
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Z: Suddenly, the man felt bad. he realised that he didn’t want to lose the women as an employee.
E: At that time, somebody came in into the brewery.
Z: It was the head boss. The owner of the whole company.
E: The owner said, “Who were you talking to? I can’t see anybody.”
Z: The women said, it’s me, your employee Em, and your cheating manager Tyler.

E: The owner said, “I’m joking. I could hear somebody saw the drunken I heard a rumor that someone saw a buzzed ghost around here. I was thinking that the ghost might have come to our brewery.
Z: The woman said, “I think I saw that ghost yesterday! I had a full beer, turned around for a moment, and when I turned back my beer was gone.”
E: The owner said, “Let’s find the ghost together.”
Z: The manager cut in at this point and said, “How will we do that?”

E: The owner asked her, ” Where did were you drinking when your beer was taken?”
Z: She said, “I was hiding in the women’s bathroom because I know it’s against rules to drink during work hours.”
E: The boss said, “Is that bathroom in the brewery? ”
Z: At this point, the manager piped up again “You know, “I heard strange sounds when I was in the women’s bathroom the other day!”

E: The owner and the woman saw looked at each other and said together,“Why were you in the women’s bathroom?”
The manager was flinched.
Z: He stuttered and said, “I went in there because the men’s room was out of toilet paper!”
But the others could see that he’d started to sweat.
To be continued…

Em’s original comment:
I wanted to bother teacher Z. 😀 So in my turn, I turned into the ghost story. It’s getting a little bit scary?