2. Lazy worker vs Boss

The Buzzed Ghost: Lesson 2
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E:  The boss said, “What? OK! Let’s tasting some beer, if you know the different in the taste of beers, you will become manager of new beer project.
Z: The woman thought for a moment, and then asked her boss “what if I’m unable to tell the differences in the tastes of the beers?”

E: The boss said “if you are unable to do it, you are fired!”
Z:  “Fired?” the woman said. “I can’t believe you’re such a joke jerk!  But you know what?  I will except accept your challenge!”

E: The set 4 glasses on the table. He poured four types of beer, however one bottle  looked very different from the others.
Z: The women woman sat down at the table and closely examined each beer by looking at them and smell them.
E: She then took a sip from each glass.
Z: Immediately she recognized what the first 3 beers were, but the 4th beer was giving her trouble.
E: She told her boss correctly what a first 3 beers were, and but she was still unsure of the 4th beer.
Z:  Then a lightbulb went off in her head! She recognized that she had tried the 4th beer last week when she was in a bar with her friend.
E: She couldn’t remember its name, but she described its ingredients to her boss.

Z: The man laughed “Ha, ha, ha, you lost the game!  Go clean my office!”
E: She said, “It’s over! I quit this company!  Now!”
To be continued…

Em’s original comment:
My brain was not working, maybe. It was difficult to hear “women and woman.”

  Opposite word of the sip is chug.  A lightbulb went off in her head! = idea