Rumbling Along

How to stop my stomach rumbles.
My stomach sometimes rumbles loudly, even when I’m not hungry.
Then I thought, I will have a mint or a piece of gum in an emergency.
One day, my stomach began grumbling.

I said, “Do you mind if I have some gum? My stomach is grumbling. Did you hear that?”
Z said, “Yes, you‘re hungry, eat please. No, I can’t hear it. No worries.”
I explained, “This one is for tooth. If I eat this one, it’s good for tooth.”
Z said with a serious face, “Good for one tooth? Which tooth?”
I thought “Huh? what is Z telling me??”
I pointed to them and said, “tooth!”
Z said, “Teeth. It’s good for your teeth.”He chuckled playfully.

Teacher Z always teaches me English like in this way.
Don’t fear mistakes. Smile it away! 🙂

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